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Mind, Body, Spirit is probably my favorite three card spread to use, and I like three card spreads because they are easy and simple! It’s been a while since I’ve done a reading for myself, other than my daily draws, so I thought it was about time I did a mind/body/spirit spread because I like to do these about twice a month. This spread is actually very delightful to see:

Mind: Mother of Cups

Body: Daughter of Pentacles

Spirit: Son of Wands

All from The Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans. And all upright court cards, interesting. Perhaps the ranks of the court card reflects the level at which I interact with different aspects of myself.

So the Mother of Cups represents my state of mind at the present. I guess I wasn’t wrong to pick the Queen of Cups as a card that represent my personality for the 30 Day Tarot Challenge today. Compassion and empathy are traits that I am always trying to embody. I am very loving and sensitive, and I am just coming into my own with my spirituality. The past few years have been huge for me as I’m finally starting to find answers about my own personal truths and how I view the universe and all the energies contained within it. I believe that everyone has spiritual gifts to some degree, and I’m definitely trying to hone my own intuition and skill set with Tarot.

The Daughter of Pentacles is the card representing my body. I was delighted to see this. A pentacle card here makes sense, no doubt, pentacles are the most physical suit. Kim Krans offers the words “responsible and kind” as a description. This is the most responsible of the Pages which are represented as daughters in this deck. I like that this is the side of me that I’m portraying through my body, because I’m been feeling not myself lately, so I’m glad I can keep it together when I’m around others. It represents the initial energy that I am putting in my goals to go in the right direction. I need to stay focused on my goals and stay practical. “Responsible and kind” may just be advice of ways to conduct myself physically, though the youthful energy of the Page may show that I may have more work to do in this area.

The Son of Wands is representing my spirit card and I was surprised to see a Wand card there. I hardly think such a bold energy represents my spirit but maybe I am underestimating myself. I can be charming at times, but my self confidence is definitely lacking presently so maybe this is a reminder to believe in myself and have a go-getter attitude. I need to remain ambitious and lively and I move forward with my goals. This a reminder for me to keep the fire in me alive and draw that fiery energy inside me. This is what my spirit needs, and hopefully there will be a sweeping change that draws more energy into my spirit.

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